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Marieanne was a HUGE asset to my wedding. As someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup and who is very self conscious about photos of herself, Marieanne was very considerate and helpful about how to take care of my skin in the months leading up to the big day and wonderful with helping to accentuate the features I liked most about myself. She also made all of my bridemaids look glamorous but also like themselves and not overdone. She also went above and beyond for a bridesmaid who after going first had to run up and down a hill setting up chairs for the ceremony, by giving her a touch up before leaving. She made me feel calm and composed on what could have been a very stressful day. Instead I felt like I spent the morning at the spa. I would HIGHLY recommend using her for any and all occasions. Marieanne is star!

Wedding: Bevin O'Gara 06/20/2015
Services Used: Beauty & Health
Reviewed On: 02/08/2016

Marieanne was wonderful to work with, from our first conversation I felt comfortable. I can't believe I got to work with her, I was doing tons of research and I wasn't sure she could do my makeup and I was so lucky that my florist reached out to Marieanne and I was able to get her on my wedding date. During my trial she was so patient and explained in detail the application of the makeup and made recommendations based on the pictures I presented. She blew me away with what she did on my wedding, I looked amazing as well as my bridal party. My group of girls and myself are from diverse backgrounds and Marieanne knew what worked for each face and made everyone stand out. The reviews are accurate, Marieanne is the best and I would highly recommend her.

Wedding: Vanessa Vasquiz 05/23/2015
Services Used: Beauty & Health
Reviewed On: 01/06/2016

Marieanne is such a pleasure to work with. From the onset, she was extremely professional and responsive, but after my trial, I knew her to be very well-versed, knowledgeable and capable. She truly wants you to have the experience you are looking for and does not try to push any opinions onto you. She is a master at her craft, and only carries the best products--I would highly recommend her for any event!

Wedding: Heather Marie Morawski 06/06/2015
Services Used: Beauty & Health
Reviewed On: 01/06/2016

Marianne was wonderful on my wedding day. She is professional, knowledgeable and greatly skilled! I have very sensitive skin and she was able to cover all my flaws so I was comfortable all day. She gave me advice on what colors would look best on me and how to come prepared for the day. Additionally she took great care with my bridesmaids and Mom. They all looked stunning. She has great energy, which is so important on such a busy day. If I could, I would have her do my make up every day! I would hire her in a second again and recommend her to anyone getting married or who has a major event to attend.

Wedding: Lindsey Reuben  08/01/2015
Location: Woodstock Inn, Woodstock VT
Reviewed On: 01/05/2016

I literally cannot say enough about how amazing Marieanne is! She did makeup for myself and my bridesmaids for my August wedding at the Mountain Top Inn and everything was literally perfection. She is an absolute professional and really knows her stuff. You can ask her anything and she is a wealth of knowledge around products/makeup for different skin types, etc. She managed to stay on schedule for a very large group and was so much fun to be around the entire time. The day of is stressful so it was really comforting to sit down in her chair and know that she was just going to make it happen and not be flustered in the slightest. I absolutely loved my makeup and so did all of the girls in my wedding party. Marieanne really listens to what you are looking for and makes sure that you are happy with the outcome. I trusted her so much after our trial that I didn't feel an ounce of stress about how my makeup would turn out on the day of and I was right. I really felt like she made me look like my best self, enhancing my natural features but without too much product. I've never felt more beautiful and I owe a lot of that to Marieanne! I live in NYC so finding a makeup person up in VT was overwhelming at first. If you are reading this review just save yourself the time and book Marieanne ASAP!!!

Wedding: Andi Matthews
Location: The Mountain Top Inn
Date: 8/9/14

Marieanne was absolutely wonderful to work with. She is an expert in her field and knows exactly what type of makeup is best for everyone. She is great about making you feel very comfortable and made recommendations for makeup tips that I was able to use right after my trial. I don't typically wear a lot of make up on a daily basis so didn't want to look too different from myself. Marieanne listened to me and understood the overall look I was looking for. I received countless compliments specific to my make up on the big day, and I truly felt beautiful. She also does great work on people of all ages, as I she did the make up for my maid of honor and my mom and mother in law. I would highly recommend Marieanne!!
Wedding: Jaime Schwartz
Location: The Barrows House
Date: 9/13/14

I recently got married this past September in Vermont. My husband and I are from the Boston area and we wanted to make a point to try to keep our vendors local to Vermont. Makeup was something that was very important to me. In my 30s I developed cystic acne, which made me very self-conscious about my complexion. For that reason I was looking for a makeup artist who was experienced and very skilled. I found just that and more in Marieanne from Flawless Cosmetic Design! From the moment I contacted Marieanne I found her to be knowledgeable, kind, thorough and extremely professional. As a bride, the weeks leading up to the wedding can be very stressful. Marieanne was prompt with her replies to my questions and even offered suggestions to help my skin be the best it could be on my wedding day. The day of the wedding she was absolutely wonderful and I couldn't believe the amazing job she did on my makeup and my bridal parties’ makeup. I not only felt beautiful but more importantly I felt confident! I highly recommend Flawless Cosmetic Design to anyone looking for an absolutely fantastic experience and a brilliant makeup artist.
Wedding: Kate Sullivan
Location: Stratton Mountain
Date:  9/20/14

Marieanne did an incredible job with makeup for 8 ladies and myself on my wedding day. She was timely and didn't rush through anyone. Everyone looked and felt absolutely gorgeous and days later, friends and family are still talking about what a wonderful job she did and how they wish they could recreate her looks at home. She was flexible and accommodating throughout the entire process of booking and professional in her communication. She was a pleasure to spend the day with as we all got ready, and she graciously gave me a concealer brush I had been looking for since my trial with her. I am so thrilled with her work and highly recommend her.
Wedding: Pamela Littman
Location: The Mountain Top Inn
Date: 10/11/14

Marieanne is an extremely talented makeup artist, and she is THE person to do your wedding makeup in Vermont. She took photos that my bridesmaids had printed out and brought it to life. Everyone looked like much more beautiful versions of themselves - which is SO important. My mother in law - who NEVER wears makeup - looked so gorgeous and natural. She never normally wears makeup so she was nervous it would look weird, but she looked amazing (and she loved it, too). As for my makeup: it was incredible. It really was. I had written additional notes since my length trial at Marieanne's house in March, and she was very willing to listen to everything I wanted done differently since then to give me EXACTLY the look I wanted. I think it's probably hard to work with a bride who doesn't normally do makeup, like me, but Marieanne was very patient and talked with me throughout my makeup application to check in and make sure she was getting my vision. If you want additional details on my experience with comparing the different makeup artists in Vermont and working with the lovely Marieanne, please feel free to message me!
Wedding: Maya Hodis
Location: The Grafton Inn
Date: 8/23/14

Marianne Souza was amazing. She was friendly, professional, hardworking and really knew her craft. As a 54 year old mother of the groom, who never wears makeup, she made me look amazing and so natural. I wanted to look like I had little makeup on and she did just that. She even added extra eyelashes to my eyes without me even asking. She seemed to read my mind and did a fantastic job. I highly recommend her for anyone's special day. ~Mother Of Groom
Location: The Mountain Top Inn
Date: 8/24/14

Marieanne provided the absolute best makeup services for the day of my wedding. She was extremely responsive in the planning stages leading up to the wedding as well. Having Marieanne there while we were getting ready was both relaxing and enjoyable. She wasn't rushing anyone, and was doing such a beautiful job. We all wanted a natural look that just enhanced our features. She did exactly that, leaving no one looking pasty or overdone. I would recommend Marieanne to every bride. She is absolutely fabulous!
Wedding: Stephanie Marve
Location: The Mountain Top Inn
Date: 8/31/14

Marieanne was awesome. She came to the wedding venue and did makeup for the bride and 5 bridesmaids, and was more than accommodating when a bridesmaid who previously said she didn't want her makeup done changed her mind at the last minute. She completely listened to what I wanted and made me simply look like a more beautiful version of myself. She also gave me some personal tips and tricks to try with my own makeup at home. And she's very sweet!! Highly recommended.

Marianne was amazing! My makeup and the rest of the bridal parties' was flawless. She also took time to examine my skin and give me recommendations for my own beauty routine based on my rosacea. You will be thrilled if you hire her! ~Hannah, Bridesmaid.
Wedding: Frances Smith
Location: The Quechee Inn
Date: 08/23/2014

Marieanne is a true artist and very professional. She did an outstanding job working with the individuals in the wedding party: listening to requests and concerns and understanding the type of look each girl wanted (more drama, more natural, something in between). I love makeup, so having mine done professionally for a wedding was a real treat and something I looked forward to--Marieanne did not disappoint! I was especially impressed with Marieanne's ability to color correct and make our complexions flawless--without looking or feeling like we were wearing a lot of makeup! I'm sure the pictures are going to be fantastic because of this.

Marieanne is very kind and patient, even giving each flower girl a turn in the make-up chair which they all LOVED. Marieanne contributed to the fun of the day, making the girls in the wedding party look and feel our best. ~Bridesmaid
Wedding: Julia Ott
Location: The Quechee Club
Date: 7/19/14

She was fantastic! I was part of the wedding party, and she made me (and everyone) look absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend her. ~Patty, Bridesmaid
Wedding: Julia Ott
Location: The Quechee Club
Date: 7/19/14

Marieanne was a bright star in helping to make my daughter’s wedding day go smoothly and beautifully. She is an expert makeup artist with a warm and caring personality who combines a marvelous ability for knowing how to bring out the beauty in each person with great skill and experience in applying makeup. And she does all of this in a very calm and encouraging way. Way to go, Marieanne! You are the best, a memorable part of the wedding day. ~Margaret Ott, Mother of the Bride
Wedding: Julia Ott
Location: The Quechee Club
Date: 7/19/14

Marieanne did an amazing job with my makeup! I honestly wish that she had done my own wedding makeup three years ago when I got married! It was the best makeup I have ever had. ~Janette, Bridesmaid
Wedding: Joanna Wolfson
Location: The Hildene
Date: 6/29/2014

Marieanne did a beautiful job and was extremely easy to work with! I knew I was in good hands after the trial, which made my wedding day go that much more calmly and smoothly. She was very flexible and came early to accommodate one of the ladies who added on to our makeup group right before the wedding. The makeup was natural and exactly what I was hoping for. I would highly recommend Marieanne to any bride-to-be :) ~Joanna Wolfson, Bride
Wedding: Joanna Wolfson
Location: The Hildene
Date: 6/29/2014

Marieanne did a fantastic job. I learned a lot about how to go for a natural look that brings out your best features. She also taught me a lot about each product she was using and why she was using it. ~Ceren, Bridesmaid
Wedding: Joanna Wolfson
Location: The Hildene
Date: 6/29/2014

Marieanne is amazing!!!!! I would recommend her for any occasion! I had a fairly large group of girls getting makeup done for my wedding and Marieanne took great effort making each of us look beautiful. She was the best vendor I worked with during the entire wedding process. She is very organized and actually helped keep me in line with creating timeline and what I needed to plan for morning of wedding. My group was very natural who have very little experience wearing a lot of makeup and we all were very comfortable and looked great. Marieanne is so calming it was so nice sitting with her morning before wedding. She had to come from far away in crappy weather and was still on time, in fact very early! She is best in the industry and lucky to have found her in Vermont!
Location: The Mountain Top Inn
Reviewed On: 01/07/2014

Marieanne is a total pro at what she does. My bridal party and I looked gorgeous on my wedding day (if I do say so myself!); every time I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror I had to stop and admire her work again. My mother was initially hesitant about having her makeup professionally done and was worried about looking too "made-up." Marianne listened to her concerns and did an absolutely beautiful job at making her look beautiful and natural; I know that my mother was very pleased, and I definitely was as well. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Marianne - I want to have another special event, just so I can have her work her magic on me again!
Wedding: Lindsey Jones
Location: The Grafton Inn
Date: 11/02/2013

I e-mailed Marieanne after my MUA had cancelled just weeks before my wedding day. She had another wedding already booked that day and still, somehow, made time to fit me in. I was so pleased. At the consultation, she studied my face and used a photo I had to create the perfect look. She used brands such as Make Up For Ever, MAC, Chanel, etc. The consultation took almost two hours and after looking in the mirror, I knew it was worth it. My face was perfectly blended and bronzed. My eyes were smoky and delicate, with Ardell false lashes. I was so thrilled to have found Marieanne and would recommend her to ANY bride, as she truly loves what she does and makes you feel as if you are a Princess.
Wedding: Kristen Ira
Location: The Fox Chair Inn
Date: 9/14/2013

Marieanne is amazing!!!!! I would recommend her for any occasion! I had a fairly large group of girls getting makeup done for my wedding and Marieanne took great effort making each of us look beautiful. She was the best vendor I worked with during the entire wedding process. She is very organized and actually helped keep me in line with creating timeline and what I needed to plan for morning of wedding. My group was very natural who have very little experience wearing a lot of makeup and we all were very comfortable and looked great. Marieanne is so calming it was so nice sitting with her morning before wedding. She had to come from far away in crappy weather and was still on time, in fact very early! She is best in the industry and lucky to have found her in Vermont!
Wedding: Erica Kattalia
Location: The Mountain Top Inn
Date: 1/4/14

Working with Marieanne was one of my favorite parts of the wedding. My mother and I spent two hours with her during our trial. She listened to my vision and used her wealth of knowledge to create the perfect pallet. We also had a blast with her.  Marieanne is one of the most organized people I have ever met. We worked together prior to the wedding to set a schedule for the day of, she even connected with my hairdresser to make sure that everything would run smoothly. I felt so comfortable with her and trusted her 100%.  I have never felt more beautiful than I did on my wedding day. Marianne is one of the most talented people I have ever worked with and I would recommend her to anyone!
Wedding: Alexis Watts
Location The Mountain Top Inn
Date: 1/2/14

Marianne of Flawless Cosmetic Design is wonderful! She is a true professional and was great to work with. I planned my wedding from afar and Marianne was very helpful in offering flexible times to talk about her services and helping me to create a makeup timeline that worked for my wedding day. She made me feel absolutely beautiful on my wedding day!! I would recommend Flawless Cosmetic Design in a heartbeat! Thank you Marianne!
Wedding: Maria Iman
Location: The Hildene
Date: 9/30/2013

Marieanne is genius. She will transform your idea to a reality. She is super talented and my entire wedding night I felt beautiful! She is such an artist at what she does I wouldn't even consider using anybody else for such an important part of my wedding day (come on girls you know hair and makeup are huge stress builders).  As a hairstylist I work with many makeup artists on shoots or weddings, none of them give such flawless results while exactly delivering what the client wants. I never write reviews but everybody needs to know this!!
Wedding: Lia Khouyi
Location: The Equinox Resort & Spa
Date: 1/1/14

Working with Marieanne was honestly a dream come true. Her professionalism, talent, and personality blew me away. From the trial to the day of my wedding it was perfection and exactly what I was looking for in a makeup artist. I spent several months searching for the right one and she was worth the wait! Finding someone of her caliber in the VT area is near impossible. Her technique, experience and even product lines used were that of a true top artist. It was important to me to find someone that would get to know me, my style, and the "look" and "feel" that I wanted for the wedding. Marieanne did all that and more. She has one of those personalities that makes you feel so comfortable, almost as if you have known her for years. If I could do it all over again she would be my first phone call.
Wedding: Marissa Brown
Location: The Mountain Top Inn
Date: 11/17/12

Marieanne is a consummate professional. Renzi & Hawkens Studio has worked with her many times and she has always been such a delight. Marieanne has the ability to create such a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere while still maintaining razor like sharpness to detail. Her brides always look stunning and flawlessly ethereal. I would highly recommend Marieanne without a doubt!
Reviewed On: 01/30/2014 by Gina Renzi of Renzi Hawkens Studio

Simply put, Flawless Cosmetic Design is the best of the best. As a wedding & portrait photographer, I rely on makeup artists to highlight bride's best features in a way that is flattering in photographs. Makeup can either make or break a bride's look, and every time I've worked with Marieanne, her makeup has been flawless. Brides are always thrilled with the end result, and always comment on how perfect their makeup looks in the photos deliver to them. Every time I work with Marieanne, I joke that I want to jump in the chair so she can do my makeup next... and one day I do plan to hire her! If you are looking for a professional makeup artist, look no further. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Vendor Review: Kelly of 822weddings

I can enthusiastically recommend the services of Flawless Cosmetic Design.  As an event designer based in Vermont, I have been challenged to find highest quality beauty resources for several years. Since FCD/ Marieanne came into our market, I have only heard rave reviews of her work... and seen the fabulous results! It is so important that our brides be at ease with both the stylist and their work and FCD delivers both.
It is obvious that Marieanne brings a unique set of skills to the area. Her expertise and attention to detail combined with her cheery personality make for a relaxed and beautiful bride arriving at her wedding service. The bride's appearance can be such a source of anxiety on her wedding day. FCD/ Marieanne delivers an elegant, classically beautiful bride to the aisle every time.
Vendor Review: Tedd Kapinos of Jasper & Prudence Floral & Events
Posted 1/2/14

Im not at all surprised that the word is getting out and you're busy - your very talented. It was a pleasure working with you and look forward to doing more. Vermont is lucky to have you. One of these days you should let me shoot you -Christine 
Posted by Christine Glade of 9/27/12

Marieanne was so amazing -- I would recommend her to everyone and anyone who wants an incredibly attentive, passionate, and personable makeup artist. I was a bride coming in from out of town and was not able to visit Vermont for a trial. I sent Marieanne some pictures of what I wanted and then she called me on the phone to further hash out my 'big day look.' What she created on my wedding day was beyond my wildest imagination. I got so many compliments on my makeup and it was so beautiful in the pictures. She was so fun to work with and she displayed a true passion for her craft. She went beyond just being a vendor -- she treated me like a friend and I am forever grateful!
Posted by Meg Machon. 11/15/13
Wedding 5/18/13 @ The Equinox Resort & Spa...Manchester VT.

I couldn't have asked for a better makeup artist for my wedding day. I had originally booked someone else (only because I didn't properly investigate my options) and was very unhappy after my makeup trial. I asked my photographers (Renzi & Hawkens Studio) for a last minute suggestion and they referred me to Flawless Cosmetic Design. Needless to say I felt an immense wait lifted after my trial with Marieanne. I don't normally wear a lot of makeup, so I was completely out of my element. Marieanne thoroughly explained all of my options and helped me figure out the look I was going for. When my wedding day finally arrived, she helped make me feel like a movie star for the day, and  did an excellent job on my bridesmaids and me. If you are on the fence about who to hire as your makeup artist, go with Marieanne!!
Posted by Mary Pat Buckley....Wedding at The Hildene, Manchester VT...2013

Marieanne was amazing. I usually don't wear a whole lot of makeup and on my wedding day I wanted to kick it up a notch. She met every expectation of mine and still managed to make me look like me. She also did a great job on the other makeup applications she did for my matron of honor, mother of the bride, and mother of the groom. Everyone looked and felt amazing and our makeup lasted the entire event. I never had a trial with Marianne, but she was able to work with my natural features and highlight everything beautifully. We all had lots of comments from our guests. I would definitely recommend Marieanne to future brides.
Posted by Sarah Cornett....Mountain Top Inn Wedding.... 10/10/13.   Reviewed On: 11/17/2013

I debated whether to get my makeup done for my engagement pictures and am so glad I did! Thank you Marianne, for the beautiful work you did to cover my flaws and bring out my best features! Can't wait to see the photos from Christina Bernales Photography!
Posted by Hailey Miller...Bride to be....10/23/13

Marieanne thank you so much for doing my make up on Saturday! It was wonderful, you did such a great job on everyone. We all loved it!
Posted by Erica White....Mountain Top Inn wedding....10/19/13

Marieanne did the make up for my sister, Erica White's wedding this weekend and it was great! Everyone looked fantastic! Marieanne really gave each of us a look that was best suited for our face and eye shape, coloring and what we told her we wanted! Thank you so much for helping make the day one we will definitely always remember!
Posted by: Samantha White....Mountain Top Inn Wedding 10/19/13

Marieanne, I can't thank you enough for the beautiful work you did on my wedding day. From the start, nearly one year prior to my 8/24/13 wedding at Arlington's West Mountain Inn, I knew I could count on you! You were so organized, helpful, and always responded to emails/phone calls in a timely fashion. You put me at ease during my make-up trial, and I knew I was in good hands!! With 10 gals to 'beautify', an early ceremony start, and trips back and forth to the hair salon on the big day, there was some concern about running on schedule. You helped us coordinate and had all of us ready ahead of time! Your work was stunning. My friends are all naturals, of course, but you highlighted their beauty in a subtle way that was remarkable. Thank you again for everything. It was a pleasure to work with you!!Kate.
Posted by Kate Collins 10/15/13...Wedding @ Arlington's West Mountain Inn.

Marieanne, Thank you for being so patient with me and helping me achieve the perfect look on my wedding day! Your support and assistance was invaluable. With Gratitude, Emily Doe.
Posted by Emily Doe. Wedding @ Riverside Farm, Pittsfield VT 10/10/13

Marieanne, Thanks you so much for the amazing make up trial. I was extremely nervous about getting my hair and make up done in Vermont, but I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. Your caring personality and skill have put me totally at ease heading into the wedding day! Can't wait for November!
Posted by...Regina Brouk...9/25/13 
Wedding at The Mountain Top Inn. 

Marieanne, just wanted to say thanks again for the amazing job you did on me and all of my special ladies for my wedding! I searched all over southern Vermont for the best makeup artist and after doing three different makeup trials I finally found you! I'm so glad I kept looking, my makeup was even more perfect than I imagined! Thanks for making me feel and look beautiful on such an important day xoxo Jessica
Posted by Jessica St.Peter...Weddning @ The Grafton Inn, VT. 9/21/13

Marieanne, I can't begin to thank you enough for the beautiful job you did on my wedding party! My beautiful friends don't need much help, but you exceeded my expectations and truely did a flawless job. You have such a talent and ability to make people feel amazing! That is such an honorable trait to own. Thank you so much for making me feel so beautiful on the one day I want to feel nothing less than perfect, You did it!! With much appreciation xox Lia
Posted by Lia Nichol 9/22/13 Weddding @ The Equinox Resort & Spa

Thanks Marieanne for doing such a great job at my daughter's wedding. It was a pleasure meeting you and I loved how we all looked after you worked your magic. Who knew I could look like that:)
Posted by Margaret Scott 9/21/13  Wedding @ The Mountain Top Inn

Had the privilege to get my makeup done by Marieanne at a beautiful Vermont wedding this weekend. Natural foundation, a subtle black cat eye, and red lips to match my dress. To top it off, it still looked great 6 hours later.  Thank you!
Posted by Katy Tur 9/15/13  Wedding of Jessica St. Peter @ The Grafton Inn 9/14/13

Marieanne and her magic just did my son and his new brides' wedding at Hildene on Sunday 9.1.13! Marieanne is a true professional and was so much fun to work with. She did the make up for 13 of us, I believe! We were so happy with the results. Not only is she amazing, she has a very calming way of doing her work, which is imperative on a flurry of a day. Thank you Marieanne for making a special day even more special.
Posted by Ellen Mendell 9.4.13  Wedding of Mara Eisenbaum @ The Hildene 9/1/13

Marieanne Souza was the make-up artist for our wedding. Marieanne is an absolute pleasure to work with, and if I had to choose just one word to describe her, it would be lovely. She spent a lot of time with me during the trial, not only experimenting with different shades of make-up but educating me on how to properly care for my skin in preparation for the special day to come! We had a few laughs (especially afterwards with my husband) when trying on fake eyelashes! She is such a special, beautiful person who we just loved working with. She is extremely talented and her passion for her work is extraordinary! My bridesmaids just loved her and we all felt like she was part of our family as we were getting ready for the wedding! We are so grateful to have met Marieanne and I will always remember the special part she played in our marriage! Love, Jenn and Peter, 6/29/13
Posted 8/31/13 Wedding of Jennifer Crane @ The Equinox Resort & Spa

THANK YOU!! You are amazing. You have a way of making a nervous bride feel at ease and beautiful. See you in a few weeks.
Posted 8/9/ Szu Hui to be @ The Grafton Inn

Last Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of a makeup application with Marieanne Souza. She was far beyond my expectations and I'm very picking when it comes to makeup. I'm getting married in September and can't wait to spend time with her again and more importantly have her apply my make for such a special day.
Posted by Annie White..8/8/13...Wedding to be @ The Equinox Resort & Spa

Spent the morning of my wedding with the amazing Marieanne Souza of Flawless Cosmetic Design. SO passionate about her craft, Marieanne took my inspiration pictures and made them a reality. I would recommend Marieanne to anyone who wants a personable, FUN, and dedicated make-up artist. I couldn't imagine my wedding day without her!
(more pictures to come!) 
Posted: Meg Machon 7/4/13...Wedding @ The Equinox Resort & Spa...Manchester VT. 5.18.13

Thank you Marieanne, for making me feel like a star on my wedding day. You are a true professional, and I feel so lucky to have had you make me up on my special day. You are the best!!!
Posted by: Mary Pat Buckley. 7/2/13...Wedding @ The Hildene, Lincoln Family Home, Manchester Vt. 6/29/13

Dear Marieanne, I am so sorry for the delayed nature of this note, but I wanted to send a MASSIVE THANK YOU for my wedding day makeup. I got so many compliments and it was just magical to work with someone as passionate as you. Thank you so much! With gratitude...
Posted by Meg Machon Equinox Wedding 5/18/13 Recieved 6/29/13

My darlings if you are looking for a lovely and gentle hand to help you feel pretty as a primrose please do send a note to Marieanne and give a like to her page! I almost never get to wear makeup because it intimidates me so much bwahahaha (I've no idea how to put it on properly) but Marieanne made me feel like a lovely, comfortable princess and both of her looks were incredible and so inspiring. She would be absolutely perfect help as you prepared for your wedding, or any other special event where you'd like to feel extra pretty, oh so pretty! And she's right here in Vermont, woohoo!! :D ♥
More from the beautiful Lulu....Posted 6/26/13

Marieanne is the most thoughtful, considerate and incredibly talented makeup artist in the world. She created two looks with me for an Aztec themed styled wedding photoshoot and they were both truly flawless. Both can be found on her Facebook page...Flawless Cosmetic Design...under "Style Me Pretty"  I felt like a princess sitting in her big chair and I was stunned by the beauty of the makeup and how skilled she truly is at illuminating and perfecting each person's natural look. The resulting photo's shone and the makeup was so subtle yet breath-takingly gorgeous. I would very very highly recommend her to anyone wishing to look their absolute best for a special day! :D
Posted by Lulu Lovering...Professional Model...6/26/13

Marieanne, I cannot tell you how thrilled we all were with your work this past Saturday. The day was magical and our faces were glowing!! I will send you pictures soon. xx, Dianna
Posted by Dianna De Palmer 6/4/13....Wedding 6/1/13 @ The Equinox Hotel & Resort Manchester Vt.

Thank you for an amazing makeup trial. I can breathe easy knowing I'm in talented hands. So excited to have you be a part of my big day!!
Posted by Mary Pat Moody...5.23.23...Wedding to be @ The Hildene, Manchester, VT

Thanks Marieanne. It was so lovely meeting you. You are a true artist and I can’t wait to see you work your magic on the big day!
Posted by: Mara Eisenbaum...Bride to be  @ The Equinox Hotel & Spa Manchester, VT.

Thank you for the amazing wedding trial. My mind is at ease knowing that I am in such talented hands. Can't wait for the big day!Ohh.... I thought we were done but after my glowing review of your work another one of my bridesmaids would like to have their makeup done.
Posted by Alexix Watts....Bride to be @ The Mountian Top Inn...Chittenden, VT...7.27/13

I am the type of girl who NEVER wears any makeup. Last time I had any substantial makeup on was junior prom! As soon as I spoke with Marieanne, I felt very comfortable that she understood what I was looking for. Her pricing was more than reasonable and on the day of, she was able to go with the flow in terms of timing without sacrificing a modicum of quality. She did my makeup exactly the way I imagined it, maintaining the natural (but much improved) look I was after. My bridesmaids also all looked astounding. Not only is she a consummate professional in her field, she is an extremely friendly and easy going person that I enjoyed working with on every level. I think she is a perfect choice no matter what kind of look you are after as she is able to listen to your needs and then execute accordingly. She even offered a trial beforehand if I had elected - for those that need to be more sure, this is the way to go!"
Posted 4/20/13 Jessamyn Martin, Waltham, MA.

Marieanne is by far the best professional makeup artist around! Always flawless!
Posted by: Lauren Hartwyck...Wedding Coordinator @ The Equinox Resort & Spa, Manchester, Vermont.

Marieanne, Thank you so much for helping me and my girls look stunning for my big day! You are truly amazing!
Love,  Lauren Gauthier. 1/28/13 Wedding @ Equinox Hotel & Resort, Manchester Vermont.

Hello Marieanne! The pleasure was all mine, seriously.  I had such a wonderful experience and it was everything that I have ever dreamed of when I think of how I want to look on my wedding day.  Also, it was so lovely to meet your beautiful children and husband!  Your studio was great and I just can't stop raving about the whole day! Marissa.
Posted by Marissa Poletti 10/1/12 Wedding @ Mountain Top Inn, Chittenden, VT. 

Marieanne you did such a beautiful job on me and my bridesmaids and were so calm and easy to work with!  Thank you again for your amazing service and professionalism.  I was thrilled with the way everything turned out! Cordially, Jessamyn
Posted by Jessamyn Mayher of 8/12/12 Wedding @ Grafton Inn, Grafton VT                                          

It was a pleasure getting to watch you work on Saturday, and I apologize for our very rushed and brief goodbye. . You did such a beautiful job with Missy's make up and I will gladly refer you to my brides in the future. Thank you also for entertaining all of my questions about make-up :) Christina
Posted by Christina Bernales of 9/17/12

Marieanne did an amazing job on my makeup for this shoot! She made me look - and feel - absolutely beautiful! I highly recommend her!!  Susie
Posted 11/12/12    Posted by Professional Artist Suzette Johnson of  Local Artist Londonderry VT

I just want to say what a joy it was to work with Marieanne at Flawless Cosmetic Design. I have had my make-up done several times in the past by other make-up artists but none can compare to the incredible job that Marieanne does. She takes her time and is a true perfectionist; making sure that the client not only looks good but feels good about the way they look! I would highly recommend her to anyone needing their make-up professionally done! SG
Posted 11/9/12 Posted by: Sarah Garcia....Womens Petite Model....Saratoga Springs NY

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had working with you, Marieanne. I love how you use makeup to bring out the true beauty in everyone you work with. Every stroke is perfect, but you make it seem easy and flawless. More importantly, you make every girl truly feel beautiful. I would recommend no less than Flawless Cosmetic Design for any special occasion. Thanks again! 
Posted 9/18/11 Posted by Nicole Ashleigh/Model

I used Marieanne as my make-up artist for my wedding this past July 2012 @ The Equinox Hotel. She was so helpful from the outset and gave me lots of advice both around skincare in preparation for the big day and also gave me great ideas for different styles of make-up which would complement my features. The trial gave me the chance to test out different ideas and to make sure I was happy with the results.  Unfortunately, the night before my wedding I had to go to the hospital due to a kidney stone, and didn’t get back to my hotel room until 3am. Needless to say, the morning of my wedding I looked pale, tired, and still not well, but Marieanne was a true miracle worker! When she was finished with me nobody could ever tell that I had been in a hospital a few hours earlier. The results for myself, my bridesmaid and my mom were truly elegant and classic and we were all delighted. I highly recommend Marieanne and her services to anyone, she is a true professional, and I encourage a consultation so you can see her work first hand.
Posted by-Ingrid Lopez  November 18, 2012. Wedding @ Equinox Hotel & Resort, Manchester VT

The bride is right. I was Ingrid's photographer and Marieanne was an absolute professional who does beautiful work! Renzi & Hawkens Studio highly recommends her.
Posted by Gina Renzi-Hawkins November 18, 2012

Marieanne, I was so incredibly happy with the look! I couldn't believe it. It was amazing, I wish I could look like that everyday haha!
Thank you so, so much! I really can't tell you that enough. You're incredible I would love to meet up again one day.Well if I do become a big movie star I know who I'll be hiring to do my make up So let's stay in touch! Lily
Posted by Lily Kelly... Aspiring Actress....Manchester VT

Thank you Marienne! Your ability with make up is beautiful! I'm so glad I have such a greatly talented person to add to my list...Celia
Posted by Celia Kelly of 1/20/12...Manchester VT

Marieanne,   you are marvelous. Your time and energy to make us beautiful was so appreciated. Thanks you Grace Ormond.
Posted by Grace Ormond..8/15/12....Wedding Style Magazine...RI

Marieanne, you are a true artist and an amazing person. You were a lifesaver on my wedding day, made me look like a "movie star". All of my Bridesmaids loved loved you....and thank you for the extra TLC that you gave to my Mom & Grandma....
Honestly I was stunned at how good you made me look, you made my day. I was the star of the night, thank you.
Posted 8/22/ 2011 By: Jessica Lownder...Wedding @ Private residence Woodstock VT

At my wedding, I had so many people comment on how my make-up just enhanced my features.  It did not look heavy, and I did not look 'made-up'.  None of my bridesmaids really ever wore makeup and were nervous about having it done for the wedding....again with her calm and supportive approach, Marieanne quickly won the confidence of them all and they were delighted with how their makeup looked.I really can't say enough.  I would recommend Marieanne to ANYONE.  In fact, I'd love the excuse for another event just to have her do my do my make-up again! 
Posted by Nuala Cagney

I met with Marieanne months before my wedding for a trail  - the instant I saw myself after she completed my makeup look - I KNEW she was the make-up artist for me.
She was so sweet and friendly, and really listened to input and insecurities...She took my 'flaws' and hid them, and enhanced all of my best qualities.
Posted 6/22/12...Wedding @ Private residence Westchesterfield NH

I've always been a make-up junkie, and I have always done makeup for myself when I was a bridesmaid, and I usually don't like how other people put makeup on me. So naturally for my wedding day, I thought I'd just do my own makeup.
Leading up to the wedding, I realized that there is a reason why people pay to get things done on their wedding day. Theoretically, a bride can do her own flowers, her own hair and makeup and a whole lot of other things, but even though you CAN do it, doesnt mean you should. Because on that day, you just want to relax not worry about every little thing.
So, I decided at the last minute to look for someone, and was so lucky to find Marieanne. This was no easy feat, as she is the only highly trained professional  freelance makeup artist I was able to find in Soutnern Vermont.
She is so, so nice, and accommodating. and to top it all off, she is extremely skilled at what she does. I loved the makeup she did for me at the trial, and am so looking forward to my wedding day when she can recreate her magic.
See you in January... Susan.
Posted by Susan Touhy. 11/9/12 Wedding @ Private home...Mt Snow, Vt.

I have worked with Marieanne through the years when she lived here in San Francisco. As a fellow profesional  makeup artist I would like the world of Vermont brides to know how truly lucky they are to have such a talented artist right at their front door.....having done countless bridal parties with Marieanne, I can tell you that she is nothing short of the best....not just in skill and talent...but in heart and passion.....she is one of the natural born artists that would never be happy doing anything but creating beauty....she loves what she does and it always shows.....
Happy for Vermont.....sad for San Francisco...( We miss you girl :) wish you were still  here doing weddings with us...we had some good times..P.S we miss your Irish jokes...and that sweet Irish accent ...luv from Micaela... and all of us at the Westin St Francis/Union Square.
Posted 5/21/11

Im not at all surprised that the word is getting out and you're busy - your very talented. It was a pleasure working with you and look forward to doing more. Vermont is lucky to have you. One of these days you should let me shoot you -Christine
Posted by Christine Glade of 9/27/12 

HI Marieanne, I just wanted to thank you again for such loving attention. I left your studio feeling calm and very cared for. You did so much more for me than massage/facial. Thank you again for the gentleness and also for the very generous fee you charged. I hope to send some people your way as your work is so wonderful. An important added skin looks and feels amazing. You are a gift. Many thanks Marieanne. -Sharon
Posted 12/6/12  Posted by Mrs. Buckley....Wedding at The Hildene..Manchester VT...06/28/2013